Welcome to the

Sensors and Technology Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering

California NanoSystems Institute

University of California, Los Angeles


The members of the Sensors and Technology Laboratory investigate micro and nanoscale sensors, as well as general fabrication technologies at those scales.  Topics of the lab include fundamental limits of physical sensors (e.g., energy dissipation in resonators), the interface of microstructures with biology, and control of magnetism at the milli- to nanoscale (e.g., microscale magnetic devices for free electron lasers and multiferroic motors and antennas)

Latest News

8.2017 Prof. Yongha Hwang and Prof. Candler publish a review article on non-planar PDMS channels and Actuators in the journal Lab on Chip

7.2017 Yuan Dai presents work on haptic feedback for robotic surgery at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference.

6.2017 Jimmy Wu presents work on miniature magnetic shielding at Transducers 2017.

4.2017 Work led by Hyunmin Sohn on rotation of magnetic single domains in Nickel disks published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

4.2017 Hyunmin Sohn completes his Ph.D. and is now working at Intel. Congratulations Min!

11.2016 Maggie Xiao presented her work on multiferroic modeling at the 2016 Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM)

10.2016 Ling Li presents her work on tissue modeling at the Biomedical Engineering Society annual meeting (BMES 2016)

10.2016 Srikanth Iyer completes his Ph.D. and is now working at SiTime.  Congratulations Srikanth!

8.2016 Yuan Dai presented her work on sensors for robotic surgery at The 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’16)

6.2016 Srikanth Iyer and Sidhant Tiwari present their work at the Solid State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop (Hilton Head)

6.2016 Omeed Paydar completes his Ph.D. and is now working at Alcon. Congratulations Omeed!

4.2016 Jere Harrison completes his Ph.D. and postdoc at STL and is off to work at Apple.  Congratulations Jere!

4.2016 Yongha Hwang starts as Assistant Professor at Korea University, Sejong Campus. Congratulations Yongha!

3.2016 Srikanth Iyer publishes his results on resonator energy dissipation in Phys Rev Applied

1.2016 Jonathan Lake completes his Ph.D. and starts work at uBeam. Congratulations Jonathan!

12.2015 Yongha Hwang and Omeed Paydar publish work on soft actuators made from 3D printed molds

9.2015 Prof. Candler attends Frontiers of Engineering Symposium organized by the National Academy of Engineering

08.2015 Yongha Hwang and Omeed Paydar publish work in soft actuators based on 3D printing

07.2015 Professor Candler promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure).

5.2015 Sidhant Tiwari and Jackie Yao (from Prof. Ethan Wang’s group) receive Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

5.2015 Hyunmin Sohn and collaborators from TANMS published recent work in ACS Nano

4.2015 Yongha Hwang and Omeed Paydar publish work on 3D printed microfluidics!